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$95+ Gift Sets

General InformationThis sustainable bamboo board is the perfect base for any charcuterie spread, and we include an assortment of delights to get you started. Choose from natural or shelf stable cheese and prepare for your recipients to be enchanted! Your logo is firebranded at the bottom of the boar..
As Low As: $97.95
General InformationThis elegant slate cheese plate makes a sophisticated gift all by itself, but we take it to the next level by including premium Wisconsin cheeses and gourmet pairings. Your gift will leave a lasting impression as they continue to use and enjoy this solid stone cheese plate. With f..
As Low As: $101.95
General InformationThis color-blocked board is as useful as it is beautiful! Let the charcuterie party start with your choice of award-winning Sartori® cheese or shelf stable cheese that does not require refrigeration upon receipt, then continue with sweet and savory treats for the perfect accompani..
As Low As: $108.95
General InformationThis decorative, color-blocked board is a lovely backdrop to any charcuterie spread! We start with your choice of natural or shelf stable cheese, then add a variety of gourmet treats sure to enhance any gathering. For the final touch, we pad print your logo on the board as a lasti..
As Low As: $108.95
General InformationWhat's better than Wisconsin cheese? Wisconsin cheese and other gourmet selections! Your choice of award-winning BellaVitano® cheese or private label shelf stable cheese are accompanied by fresh-roasted nuts, pure honey, crackers for serving, and a smooth bar of Godiva® chocolate ..
As Low As: $97.95
General InformationSome of our most popular treats team up in this marvelous charcuterie gift, sure to show your appreciation to every recipient. In addition to tasty Wisconsin cheese and sausage, you'll find pretzel sticks with two gourmet dipping mustards, fresh-roasted and perfectly-salted Deluxe..
As Low As: $97.95
General InformationWith five cheeses to choose from, this is the perfect gift for any cheese lover! Our reusable, sustainable bamboo cutting board is packed with delicious cheeses. We add fine Water Crackers on which to enjoy the dairy goodness, as well as fresh-roasted Deluxe Mixed Nuts and Fancy C..
As Low As: $95.95
General InformationThis elegant slate cheese plate makes a sophisticated gift all by itself, but we add our Wisconsin cheese, sausage and crackers to make it complete. Choose natural cheeses or shelf-stable cheeses that do not require refrigeration upon receipt. Your gift will be remembered as they ..
As Low As: $97.95
General InformationOur best-selling cheese package! When they open this gift, the party will begin! Our elegant sustainable Bamboo cutting board with your imprint, of course, comes packed with all the necessary ingredients for a charcuterie spread at home or at work, including your choice of two nat..
As Low As: $97.95
General InformationThis stylish, sustainable bamboo cutting board is an ideal charcuterie starter! We pack it with gourmet Wisconsin cheese in your choice of natural or shelf stable, then add all-beef summer sausage, two spreads, and two mouth-watering chocolates to cap it all off. We also include c..
As Low As: $108.95
General InformationWe pack this sleek bamboo charcuterie board with something for everyone! Your choice of natural or shelf stable cheese comes with sweet, salty, and savory goodness, sure to satisfy even the most discriminating of snackers. Recipients will use the sustainable bamboo board—firebrand..
As Low As: $109.95
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Elevate your gifting experience with our custom $95+ Gift Sets on These meticulously curated sets are a symphony of gourmet delights, featuring premium cured meats, artisanal cheeses, and gourmet accompaniments elegantly presented on a branded charcuterie board.

Perfect for impressing clients, honoring employees, or celebrating special occasions, these customized gift sets convey a sense of sophistication and appreciation. Explore our selection and elevate your brand's image through the art of gourmet gifting on