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$120+ Treat Towers

General InformationThere's something for everyone in this magnificent tower! Six black and silver boxes are filled to the brim with exquisite treats. Our famous chocolate covered almonds are nestled together with crunchy honey glazed cashews, fresh-roasted deluxe mixed nuts, distinctive walnut rum c..
As Low As: $125.95
General InformationThis towering gift is truly a first class assortment that any office or family is sure to appreciate! Eight classic boxes are filled to the brim with sweet and savory snacks, with plenty for every recipient to share. Whatever their tastes, they're sure to appreciate and remember y..
As Low As: $140.95
General InformationThis stylish tower is filled with new and traditional delights! We Include creamy peanut butter meltaways, crunchy pretzels with dipping mustard, honey glazed cashews, and more for an assortment sure to leave a great impression. We tie the six beautiful boxes together with your ch..
As Low As: $162.95
General InformationThis first class feast is sure to satisfy every recipient! Eight sharp boxes are stacked high, coming in at nearly two-feet, and filled with an extravaganza of gourmet treats. Whatever they're craving, they're sure to find it in this impressive tower, which comes tied with your ch..
As Low As: $274.95
General InformationDistinctive and flavorful, this tower is packed full of treats for everyone to enjoy. Savory, sweet, and sour—there's something here to please every palate. The handsome and reusable white and black snowflake boxes are tied together with your choice of ribbon featuring your foil-s..
As Low As: $137.95
General InformationEvery sweets lover will rejoice when they receive this indulgent tower! Four silver boxes are filled with treats ranging from chocolates to glazed nuts to dried fruit, sure to satisfy any sweet tooth. We complete the shining tower with your choice of ribbon imprinted with your log..
As Low As: $151.95
General InformationSatisfy any sweet tooth with these fabulous treats! Your recipients will open the boxes of this beautiful silver tower to find seven outstanding sweet treats, including crowd-favorite English butter toffee, creamy peanut butter meltaways, and crispy chocolate covered potato chips...
As Low As: $152.95
General InformationOur largest tower ever! 22 gourmet treats packed into nine rich silver and navy gift boxes (yes, they are reusable). Serves 50 people or more! They’ll know you’ve sent the biggest and the best from the moment it arrives. It’s packed full with premium chocolates, fresh-roasted nuts..
As Low As: $356.95
General InformationThis elegant collection of treats is perfect for a large office! Six stylish keepsake boxes overflow with delicious gourmet fare including our famous Chocolate Covered Almonds, Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels, Fancy Cashews, Triple Mix Popcorn, and more. It's all tied securely togethe..
As Low As: $195.95
General InformationSix snowflake-adorned boxes are stacked high and filled with a selection of sweet treats. Including chocolates, popcorn, and more, this tower is perfect for a large office or family to share. Each tower is tied with pewter satin ribbon imprinted with your logo in your choice of co..
As Low As: $151.95
General InformationNo matter what kind of treat your lucky recipients are craving, they’ll find it in this giant tower! Mouth-watering chocolates, perfectly-balanced snack mixes, and more are guaranteed to satisfy. Everyone will know just how much you value them when they receive with this exception..
As Low As: $199.95
General InformationThis classic plaid tower is like a cozy sweater they can eat! Filled to the brim with traditional treats every recipient will enjoy, it's a wonderful way to show that you care. For the finishing touch, we tie it all snugly together with black satin ribbon featuring your logo foil-..
As Low As: $125.95
General InformationThis grand tower is filled to the brim with a generous selection of exquisite chocolates. Each one is individually wrapped for extra convenience, for a selection sure to please even the most discerning of recipients. Everyone will be certain to appreciate your thoughtfulness!Black..
As Low As: $184.95
General InformationEvery delightful chocolate in this sizable tower is individually wrapped for convenience. Your lucky recipients will find it perfect for sharing with a group of any size—or hoarding all for themselves! Give a gift that’s certain to be remembered for years.Black ribbon foil-stamped..
As Low As: $157.95
General InformationOur tallest tower ever! At nearly two feet tall, your customers will be thrilled to receive this wonderful gift! This giant tower features eight boxes filled with eleven different gourmet delights, including a selection of gourmet popcorns, sweet and salty chocolate dipped pretzel..
As Low As: $141.95
General InformationWhen you give a gift to an office or family, you want to make sure that it has something for everyone to enjoy. This delightful tower, filled with creamy chocolates, crunchy nuts, perfectly-balanced trail mix, and a gourmet popcorn assortment, delivers just that! They won't believ..
As Low As: $186.95
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Explore the world of luxury gifting with our $120+ Treat Towers category at These exquisite treat towers are a testament to opulence and sophistication, meticulously curated to make a remarkable impression. With a starting price of $120, these towers offer a premium selection of gourmet delights, making them the ideal choice for creating memorable moments during special occasions, corporate gifting, or employee appreciation.

What sets our Treat Towers apart is the ability to add your personal touch. Incorporate your unique branding, company logo, or personalized messages to transform these towers into bespoke gifts that reflect your identity and make a lasting impact. Whether it's a grand celebration or a token of appreciation, our $120+ Treat Towers are designed to elevate your gifting experience to new heights of elegance and prestige.